Property Description



Residences consist of 32 two-story townhomes in brick buildings restored to their original simple, modern design. Each townhome includes two or three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, central air conditioning, state-of-the-art amenities and energy efficient features.

The centerpiece of DA + HC is the on site Art Center, under the leadership of Rebuild Foundation. Rebuild is a community-based non-profit using arts and culture programming to reimagine urban neighborhoods. The organization is located nearby at 69th and Dorchester and heads programming for artist Theaster Gates’ Dorchester Projects. Dorchester Projects are Gates’ on-going work in creating placemaking that reimagines the role of art in underserved neighborhoods. Rebuild and Gates have collaborated together to bridge arts, culture and community in DA + HC’s Art Center.


On Site Art Center

Supplementing the arts programming, Rebuild and Gates have developed relationships with local art organizations such as the Hyde Park Arts Center, Little Black Pearl, and Urban Gateways. Rebuild is also engaging local area schools for their participation and collaboration.